The CAS Coin Company, established in June 2017, broke the gambling rules by introducing a new Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum Blockchain.
The Company provides innovation technology, marketing and promotional service connected to the Gambling world.

The CAS Coin Company registered offices in Italy, working mainly with Italians gaming sites and Casinos and will expand opening offices in Malta to open frontiers to world wide gambling .
Our aim is to distribute a service that can guarantee trustless, secure and fast transactions, create new jobs positions and simplify gambling transactions world.
Growing as a Gambling Company we play a role in the blockchain future and we will improve technology to reach better goals.


  • Start Project 1 Settember, 2017

    Start the project and team recruitment.

  • First Token 14 October, 2017

    Release first token on Ethereum smart contract Blockchain.

  • Public event for presentation e presale token 28 October, 2017

    Public event for presentation and presale token in Italy for fundraising project.

  • Malta Poker Tournament 31 Maggio, 2018

    Involvment in Malta Live Poker Tournament.

  • Listen Exchange 1 January, 2018

    Listed on major decentralized Exchange.

  • Update Token 15 October, 2018

    Update smart contract token with implementation of new feature for Casino Live.

  • Partnership online casinos 1 November, 2018

    Started first partnership with online casinos.

  • Live Casino March, 2019

    First partnership with Live Casinos.


Foto team

Daniele Casino
CFO & Founder

Foto team

Giacomo Ottaviano
CEO & Co-Founder

Foto team

Alessio Pigliacelli
CTO & Co-Founder

Foto team

Filippo Gallinaro

Foto team

Alessandro Chiarato

Foto team

Romina D'Agostino

Foto team

Ernesta Paniccia

Foto team

Florindo Santilli
PR & Communications

Foto team

Andrea Onorati
Test-driven Developer